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   It is the procedure performed in cases where the fat pads in the corner and cheek area of the face contour are
excessive. This procedure, also known as bichectomy, is a facial aesthetic application that makes the corners
of the face more prominent by removing the fat tissue and creates an inverted triangle image.

I Thanks to this operation, people who are not overweight due to the fat sacs on their cheeks have a much more
aesthetic appearance. In addition, the fat deposit in the lower part of the chin, known as the jowl, is also
removed; This makes facial features more prominent. With the bichectomy operation, the face now has a
slightly longer, angular and aesthetic appearance. Thus, it is also possible for you to look younger.


  • Bichectomy operation can be applied to men and women older than
  • 18 years of age who have a normal weight but are overweight.
  • However, this operation is not recommended for overweight people,
  • adolescents and individuals over the age of 45.


In general, improvement is observed in patients in the 14-day
period after the operation. During the first three days after
bichectomy surgery, consuming soft foods and cold drinks will also
prevent possible bleeding. It is also recommended that patients
not be exposed to the sun.


  • Difficult healing of incisions
  • hematoma
  • Risks of anesthetic-related conditions
  • Fluid accumulation (seroma)
  • numbness or other sensation changes
  • Swelling


After the operation, the face gets a very aesthetic appearance. Since the fat sacs on both cheeks are removed, the face becomes thinner compared to the past. However, the skin is stretched and there is a reduction in skin wrinkles. clita kasd gubergren, no sea takimata sanctus est Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr.


What is a Bichectomy?

  Bichectomy is a cosmetic surgery that is done to recontour a round face by removing excess fat from the cheek region. It has been called a Hollywood cheek procedure in recent years because many celebrities have had bichectomy performed to correct a chubby face and obtain a leaner, more sculpted facial profile with a more youthful appearance.

Is a bichectomy painful?

  You won’t feel any pain during the bichectomy procedure. There may be some post-surgical pain-this can typically be managed with over-the-counter pain medication.

What are the risks and complications of bichectomy surgery?

  Like all surgical procedures, bichectomy is associated with possible risks of complications. These include facial infections, bleeding, poor wound healing, hematoma or seroma (blood or fluid collection), and anesthesia risks. There can also be numbness, prolonged swelling, and persistent pain after surgery. Risks that are specific to buccal fat pad removal include injury to a salivary duct, injury to the facial nerve resulting in temporary or permanent facial muscle weakness or paralysis, asymmetry, and possible dissatisfaction with the aesthetic results. You should follow your doctor’s advice to avoid complications.

What are some tips for bichectomy recovery?

  Placing ice packs on the cheeks can help reduce swelling externally. Drinking ice water can help reduce inflammation inside the mouth. Patients are advised to wear the chin strap support for 2 weeks after bichectomy. You should avoid touching the sutures inside your mouth with your tongue. A soft diet will help reduce the risk of the incisions reopening. Hot, spicy foods should be avoided as they can irritate the mouth. Smoking cessation is highly recommended. Cigarette smoke can irritate the incision sites and delay wound healing.