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Gastric Balloon

Gastric balloon is one of the methods used other than surgery in the treatment of obesity, which is accepted as the disease of our age. A gastric balloon is an inflatable medical device that is temporarily placed in the stomach. The inflated balloon covers an average of 500-800 cc. This procedure is a reliable method applied to the patient in a temporary period and is frequently preferred today. With the effect of the gastric balloon, a decrease in the frequency of eating and a decrease in the portions eaten are observed. The main purpose of the gastric balloon is to reduce the stomach volume by occupying space in the stomach and to create a feeling of satiety.

With gastric balloon treatments, a weight loss of 10-30 kg may be possible. However, as with all weight loss methods, the patient’s permanent lifestyle changes and permanent improvements in eating and drinking habits make weight loss permanent.

How is the gastric balloon inserted?

After eight hours of fasting, the patient is put to sleep with sedoanalgesia and the gastric balloon is placed into the stomach under endoscopy. Then, depending on the type, the water balloon is inflated with methylene blue colored saline, and the air balloon is inflated with normal room air. In general, balloons are inflated with 500 ml of average liquid or air. As the size of the balloon increases, the feeling of fullness and satiety in the stomach increases, but tolerance becomes difficult. When there is a leak in the saline and methylene blue balloon placed in the balloon, the urine and feces are colored blue and saline colored with methylene blue is added to make it clear.

Who can get a gastric balloon?

Persons aged 18 to 70 years

Those with a body mass index of 30-40

It can be used as a weight loss method for those who are reluctant to undergo gastric surgery or who want to lose a certain amount of weight in a short time.

Post-operative life

The most important point for these operations is that patients should know that a new life is awaiting for them in the postoperative period. Adopting a low carbohydrate-high protein diet by guidance of a nutritionist; eating little and often; properly chewing food; getting multivitamin, calcium and vitamin D supports and adding physical exercises are very important. Since patients may feel full with less food, they have no problem to adopt a new life style in the post-operative period.

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Why Sava Clinic?

Sava Clinic Obesity Center (Bariatric Surgery), our specialists aim to help our patients get rid of excessive fat masses permanently, have a healthy body mass index and maintain a healthy life. To that end, a treatment program is created for each patient presenting to our center with a multidisciplinary approach with the participation of endocrinologists, psychiatrics, dieticians and specialists from other related disciplines. Treatment plan that is started before surgery is supported with a meticulous follow-up system after the procedure by evaluating the patient’s psychological status, lifestyle and habits.

Sava Clinic Obesity Center (Bariatric Surgery), we definitely share all recommended treatment practices with our patients after multidisciplinary evaluations tailored for each patient. We ensure participation of our patients in entire process so that the outcomes can be long lasting and complications can be prevented as much as possible with our patient-oriented treatment approach.

Especially for bariatric surgeries, clinical experience is one of the most critical factors in success of treatments. Thanks to our specialists’ experience of more than 25 years gained at centers in Turkey, USA and Europe and our center’s top level quality approach for services, Sava Clinic  Obesity Center (Bariatric Surgery) is referred as a reference center in not only our country but also international arena with its success in treatments. Most importantly, patients who have undergone surgery or have problems related to surgery are referred to our center for revision surgeries or endoscopic therapies

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How much weight can be lost with a gastric balloon?

  With intragastric balloon treatment, people can lose 36-40% of their excess weight. Or in other words, they can lose 30-40 kg in 12 month balloons applied twice in a row.

Who is the gastric balloon not suitable for?

  Narrowing or altered anatomy in the mouth and throat area Partial or complete obstruction af the nearest esophagus Past gastric surgery mass in stomach Large hiatal hernia (>4 cm) Esophageal or stomach varices achalasia.

When can I have sexual intercourse after surgery?

  The question of when you can have sexual intercourse after your bariatric surgery is a common one. But many times patients are embarressed to ask. Unfortunately, the answer is not simple. It depends on your post-surgical healing progress and how your body feels. Generally, 1 month after surgery is enough time to start with it.

How is the balloon removed?

  After approximately 16 weeks inside your stomach, a time-activated release valve will open, allowing the balloon to empty and pass naturally through the gastrointestial tract without the need for a remowal procedure.

What happens at removal?

  In a similar way to insertion, the 6 and 12 month balloons are removed during a 15-20 minute endoscopy procedure. The balloon is punctured and emptied and the deflated balloon is removed through the month. Again you will be conscious but sedated so won’t feel any discomfort.