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SAVA’s main priority is that all our patients and their relatives are comfortable and with peace as long as they are guests at our hospital. Our A+ hospitals environments that´s compliant with all relevant regulations that are permeate not only in Turkey but  in Europe and US as well, will give you necessary feeling of safety. With our experienced doctors, 24 hour vigilance, professional and friendly service you may have all your treatments done without any complications.

The hospitals characteristics we work with are the following:

– Containing single rooms with 135 beds, fully equipped 30 polyclinic rooms, 6 surgery rooms, intensive care services, 3 maternity wards, private ambulance, private parking for 150 cars and plenty of green area with a closed area of 17000 square meters.

–  Surgery rooms microsurgery and CVD operations can be performed where the surgery rooms with positive pressure, 100%  clean air circulation, conductive floor covering.

– For a permanent and sustainable quality, our hospitals with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate accepted by the whole world, aim to maintain the highest level of quality with the trainings they offer for all their employees in the administrative and medical fields.

– With the 128-Section CT Angiography MR 1,5 Tesla Device and CR system, Tomography and X-ray images can be shared and consulted with physicians all over the world via the Internet channel.

– Biochemistry, microbiology, pathology examinations carried out in our laboratories, which are important part of our medical examination units.

– Available adult intensive care units.

– Uninterrupted service with more than 50 specialist and academic career physicians in 26 branches.

– Always here to provide scientific, ethical, effective and quality health services that care about public health, focused both, on patient and employee satisfaction.

– Outstanding hospitals that provide quality health services at the national and international levels with the best health services management.