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Our 5-star hotels offer luxurious accommodation, attentive and personalized service, a wide range of amenities, high-quality dining options and easy access to popular attractions and transport.

In addition, it has well-equipped and spacious guest rooms with the latest technology and various entertainment activities and facilities with a relaxing and elegant atmosphere.

Features of our 5-Star Contracted Hotels:

– Comfortable and spacious rooms

– High quality bed linen and towels

– 24-hour room service

– Fitness center or gym

– SPA or wellness center

– Concierge service

– Business center with meeting rooms and office facilities

– Free breakfast

– High-speed internet access and Wi-Fi throughout the hotel

– A swimming pool

– In-room amenities such as a mini fridge and coffee maker

– Multi-lingual staff

– On-site laundry facilities

– 24-hour reception and front desk service

– Personalized service and attention to details

– Excellent customer service

– Luxurious and comfortable accommodation

– Convenient location and easy access to popular attractions and transport.

5 Star hotel accommodation is included in our package. All your reservations will be made before you arrive in Turkey and your room will always be ready for you. We are glad to welcome you in our contracted hotels with a magnificent view in the heart of Istanbul, the metropolis of Turkey.