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Travel Health Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance protects you in the event of an illness or injury when traveling outside of your country of residence. It provides key medical benefits in case of an emergency.

Within the scope of tourist visa applications, foreign nationals who will travel to Turkey from abroad are guaranteed to travel within the borders of the Republic of Turkey with Incoming Travel Insurance.

In case of an emergency health problem or accident during your travels, your outpatient treatment and hospital treatment expenses are covered by Ankara Insurance. In addition to these, the services you will need such as medical transportation, Transportation and Travel of the Insured for Medical Reasons, Baggage Loss, Cancellation of the Trip are also covered by the policy.

In case of death, Ankara Insurance is also responsible for covering the transportation costs.

Age limit; People between the ages of 0-17 can be insured only on condition that their parents are the insured. Persons aged 65 and over are not subject to the relevant policy coverage and cannot be insured.

Expenses covered by the guarantee are covered 100% within the limit. Policies are issued by our agents at the time of the application of the insured candidate and the candidate’s policy is issued.

Travel insurance is included in the package for all our guests. Both our patients and their companions are insured. For insurance details:

· Bodily Injury: Bodily injuries that occur suddenly and externally, such as an accident, and which require the insured to be conducted a medical research or receive treatment from a health institution or physician.

· Permanent Residence: Domestic residence address of the insured, as specified in the policy.

· Doctor: It is the person with the authority to accept and treat patients who has medical faculty diploma in Turkey or abroad.

· Illness: It is the disorder of the insured’s physical or mental functioning which requires to be medically researched or intervened by a physician.

· Accident: It is a sudden cause of physical injury or illness that can be proven by medical examinations which takes place out of the control of the insured due to external influences.

· Chronic Disease: It is a disease that reoccurs periodically from its very beginning or is prone to slow progression which causes continuous health problems.

· Medical Team: A medical unit serving 24/ 7 in accordance with each case which is defined by the responsible physician and the-treating doctor of ASSISTANCE COMPANY.

· Exemption: The expenses which are not covered by ASSISTANCE COMPANY services and which must be paid by the Insured.

· Healthcare Organization: They are private sector or publicly owned ambulatory / inpatient treatment services that are licensed and regularly controlled by the competent authorities of the relevant country.

· Insured: The person who is included in the coverage of the travel health insurance organized by Ankara Sigorta.

· Diseases Existing Before the Beginning of Insurance: A medical condition identified to be present by an authorized physician prior to the policystart date.

· Relatives: Father, mother, child, wife, brother, sister.

For more information about Travel Health Insurance, please contact the Clinic.

Complications Insurance

With complication insurance, it provides coverage for cases when revision or renewal of the operation is required due to complications that may develop due to this operation after the operation. The damages that may arise as a result of complications or malpractice that may occur during the operation and the procedures that must be performed due to October illnesses of the insured are excluded from the scope. The policy is valid for a period of 6 months from the start date.

When you come to Turkey for the purpose of ‘health tourism’, you may be concerned about the complications that may occur after you return to your country after the operation you have undergone. After possible complications, the need for re-treatment may arise. In this case, the financial burden you have to bear for the treatment process may be more than you imagine.

You can take out complication insurance in order to minimize the material and moral burdens caused by complications and to become prepared for them. From the process of repeating the procedure performed, to your plane ticket, to your accommodation needs, you are guaranteed with ‘Medical Tourism Complication Insurance’.

The age limit is; 18-75 years, and people aged 75 and over are not covered by insurance. Policy production is carried out with the passport number.

This policy is valid only on the condition that the treatments for complications of surgery / intervention and medical treatments performed after the policy start date in Turkey are performed within the borders of the Republic of Turkey. However, they can optionally received intervention with coverage in their own country, after returning to his own country spent the insured medical intervention / surgery-related wound discharge, early complications such as infection doesn’t require you to get back up due to small interventions and medical treatments within the scope of this policy and within the limits specified in the certificate of guarantee are covered.