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According to the principle “NOTHING IS AS IMPORTANT AS PEOPLE AND HEALTHS”; quality of service, high level of satisfaction of our patients and efficiency in our institution are our priorities in accordance with legal requirements.

– Safety of patients, employees and quality of facilities is a priority.

– Aware that mistakes are caused by certain rules and not by people, we attach importance to continuous review and improvement of our system.

– In accordance with the overall understanding of quality, quality awareness focused on the expectations and satisfaction of our patients is always our priority.

– We provide honest, high-quality and affordable healthcare services, without shaking the trust that our patients and suppliers have in us.

– Attaching importance to our employees as well as the service they provide, we regularly provide training for their improvement.

– We provide a work environment that our employees are proud of and we celebrate their achievements together.

– We accept our doctors as business partners and we always work together in treatment processes.

– We constantly monitor technological innovations, scientific and managerial achievements and offer them at the service of our patients.

– By achieving strategic cooperation with domestic and international health and educational institutions, we use the most up-to-date information, technologies and methods.

– We act sensitively towards the health, educational and environmental problems of society and participate in support activities.

– We produce and provide quality health services in accordance with corporate and professional ethical principles.

All processes from the offer to the completion of the transaction are carried out clearly and in writing. You can contact us for all questions and concerns. Our primary duty is to answer your questions.

As Sava Clinic, we guarantee that you, as our patients, will not be charged any additional fees, apart from the contents of the previously agreed upon package. You will be notified of fees that are out of the package and not included in the service and you will not be redirected to these services without your consent.   

Doctors And Hospital Staff

All hospital staff from the surgeons, nurses, doctors and nutritionists have diplomas each of them in its own field. Minimum of 27 years of experience and high quality servicies with Sava make your stay pleasant and safe. Many of them speaks several foreigner languages as English, German, Spanish, etc.

This great team will provide you fast service and permanent results you looked for. As a VIP patient you will avoid waiting in the line and loosing time to get your treatment done. Everything is well organized and all together we work in order to complete your previously agreed surgery or any other treatment.