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Who we are?


Sava Medical

The Sava Medical Group is aware that we live at an accelerated pace of life and that we don’t enough time to dedicate to ourselves, our health and beauty. Sometimes it is very difficult to cope with a passive lifestyle, overeating and monotony that we easily fall into.

For the unique reason to bring a smile and life back to each of you, Sava Medical Group was created a few years ago. With a lot of love we started as one local clinic and after only two years we managed to bring hope back to the lives of thousands of patients. The main concepts of Sava Medical Group are “patient satisfaction” and “referance is the best marketing”.

The Sava Medical Group team consists of renowned plastic surgeons, healthcare professionals, experienced consultants and translators who work every day to create the best solutions for your soundness and appearance. In the first place, your health, then detailed information and availability are our three key principles when it comes to any medical procedure. Thanks to this way of working, we are very happy to have received positive feedback from over 7,000 patients from over 20 different countries around the world.

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The best medical services & top care

We exist to research, produce and apply the best solutions for you in the field of medicine and health. Reliability, complete personalization, distinction, teamwork and passionate work permeate the entire team behind Sava Medical Group.

98,5% client satisfaction rate!

Here are a few of their testimonials

<a href="">Mary Carmona</a>

Excellent professionals, an unbeatable treatment, they make you feel very good and of course the surgery was a complete success!!
Mine was an arm lift and maxtopexy with implants.
100% recommended

<a href="">Maria Suarez</a>

Sava Clinic gave me great treatment, the ambassadors in Spain and in Istanbul were essential to be calm and with all the information.
Until today and since my operation I can only say that I have everything I need, information, nutritionist and thank God everything is going great.
Thanks for everything

Maria Suarez

Actress, 29 y.o.
<a href="">Lidia Ilioi Antemie</a>

I have had a bariatric operation with Sava Clinic, everything has gone very well.
Mari and Sara are two wonderful women, they have done much more than they promised. Good hospital, professional doctors, nice and attentive nurses. Dietitian Alicia will help and support us one year after the operation.
I am glad that I have chosen Sava Clinic and I recommend it to all who need it.

<a href="">Mireia Dellares</a>

I had a gastric sleeve on 07.04.2022 and it has been one of the best decisions. Thanks to Mary (pregnant from Spain), and Sara, translator and manager in Istanbul, the experience has been simple, with help and support at all times (since I decided to do the operation and to this day I am still in daily contact with them). The workers, both in the hotel, such as doctors, nurses, translators… everyone is charming and they make you feel incredibly well at all times. From the third day I was already touring Istanbul, and today, less than a month after my surgery, I have already lost 12 kg and a lot of volume.
I recommend it without a doubt. The best decision of my life

Paola Escobar

My experience with the Sava Clinic team has been very good, from the beginning that I contacted the ambassador in Spain the treatment has been exceptional. I have had support from both medical professionals and patients who have already undergone surgery, all of them have cleared up my doubts and made me feel safe to make this decision. I have been in Turkey performing the procedure that has turned out great. There have been no complications and I have always been under the care of doctors and nurses. I’m looking forward to starting my new life. Thank you all ❤️

Paola Escobar

Lucía Josefina Campoamor Botín

A month ago I had my operation with SavaClinic and in reality the treatment, care, procedures, all the people were very, very good. Since I started to communicate with the girl Sara, everything has been very good and she explained everything to me in detail, so she gained my trust from scratch. Then all the wonderful tests, Dr. Necdet, the hotel, also a surprise that they prepared me at the hotel, really everything to make me feel at home. Then the contact with the dietitian, always attentive, always ready to help. A very well organized team.
I recommend them to everyone with all my heart because I know that there are many clinics and that it is very difficult to find one that is reliable, that is why I share my story so that people who want to come.

Now a month later and much better than the first days, I feel that my new life is now beginning and for that I am very grateful to SavaClinic.

Lucía Josefina Campoamor Botín

Maribel Dacruz Conde

My experience has been extraordinary at all levels. The intervention was a success, the exquisite treatment and the pleasant stay. The staff constantly attentive to the patient, attending to their needs with efficiency and professionalism.

Maribel Dacruz Conde

Juanmi Calvo

This Wednesday I had surgery with dr. Necdet Derici and everything has turned out as Mary had indicated from Spain. The entire hospital staff has exceeded all of our expectations. Sara, Laia and Raquel have behaved with us spectacularly. We start a new stage. Thanks especially to Mary. Without her it would not have been possible

Juanmi Calvo

who we are

We are an international agency approved by the Ministry of Health that provides services in all kinds of treatments.

Sava Medical
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